This is so exciting, and honestly I think this is the longest I’ve ever worked on anything in my life, and I still really enjoy it. When I initially studied illustration in college I choose to focus on editorial illustration because I knew I had a tendency to lose interest in things quickly, and the breakneck pace of those illustrations kept me on the ball, but I had wanted to make a comic long-form since middle school. And I TRIED, I had many false starts and frustrating hangups for YEARS before starting Mag Na Mell–and here we are.

Thank you everyone. Thank you for reading Mag Na Mell and supporting us. It’s a lot of work to keep at this, especially the past few months. I know my social media updates have been less and that probably frustrates me more than anyone, but balancing my life has been really hard lately and I feel like I’m just constantly exhausted… But I really feel like working on Mag Na Mell is one of the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done so I won’t slow down. It means the world to both of us that you guys are enjoying the comic and supporting us. <3 I can’t say thank you enough!

Enough mushy stuff though! I’m excited we’re getting to some new character faces–or voices at least–next week you’ll get the reveal of who’s talking, and I have been WAITING. This character has been designed basically as long as Sonny and Betha so it’s been a long wait! But they’re here! 😀 I’ll have some stuff ready to post on instagram and facebook next week after the reveal about the design process for them, so there’ll be a little more milestone fanfare then.

Have a great week everyone! 😀